How to select the wall Art?

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Today we will talk about how to select the art, how and where to place it? I know many of us try to get the items which are necessary to our everyday life. So the art is considered not an essential piece of accessory. But the function of the art is not only to fill the space. Art has an amazing ability to transform the atmosphere to any room. Any art you place in your home will have a story to tell.

It helps you to create a deeper connection with people who visit you. Because art produces powerful emotions. Art can uplift our mood, create a memory or inspire us to achieve more in life.

Before you go shopping, best to consider the below:

a) measure the size and weight

b) select the orientation (horizontal, square, vertical)

c) colour

Avoid awkward size art placed in the middle of a beautifully designed room. Think about the thematic settings in your house. Colour is an important matter, buy the art which has at least 1-2 colours of your furniture or fabric colours. This helps to create a harmonious and pleasing ambiance. The price range depends completely on you. Lower-priced art you may use in the hallways, kid's room, or kitchen. Take into consideration also the moist and sun. Oil painted art without the glass frame can get damaged under direct sun or moisture.

The orientation of the art depends on the space you have. If you have a vertical space available in the room, get the vertical orientation art. If more space horizontal then square shape art or long horizontal orientation art.

The heavy weight art needs extra measures to hang it. In modern building the heavy art you can hang only in the stud of the drywall. You might need that stud finder tool. Stud is the wooden structural support of the building. For all other art, you need a measuring tape, pencil, hammer or screwdriver, and bolts. So best to consider these aspects before purchasing the art.

How to hang the Single Art?

Hang the art at eye level, keeping the midpoint approximately 150cms above the floor. When hanging above a piece of furniture, keep 10-15cms of space below the bottom of the frame.

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How to group art pieces ?

If you are grouping the arts best to treat them as one collective unit.

This will help you to arrange in the wall easier. Consider the thematic of each art. Avoid using the different themes of art in a group. The best will be if each art speaks of the same or similar story. If the arts are different from each other, better to make the same size frame for each. That will give you symmetry and balance.

Hanging the group of arts will follow the same guidelines as single art. Both have to be at eye level. Approximately 150cms from the centre of the grouping to the floor. And keeping the distance between each piece 5-10cms.

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How to arrange the gallery wall ?

Gallery wall you can create with multiple art collections or family photos.

You can use different sizes also, as long as well arranged and kept cohesiveness. More pleasing and balanced when you use same finishing material or same frame.

Arrange the centre of the grouping at eye level, roughly 150cms from the floor. Hang each frame with 5-8cms of space between each piece.

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How to arrange the art on the shelves?

Keep the display at eye level, around 150cms from the centre of the grouping to the floor. Start with

one piece as the focal point and position it slightly off-centre, then layer additional pieces of various

sizes and spacing between them.

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These are the main methods of using art in various places.

I hope the above information was useful and can help you to create a pleasing atmosphere in your space. If you have any questions and would like to know more information please feel free to contact us.

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