Bedroom design process

Our bedroom is a place to have rest and peace. Rejuvenate and boost our brain and body. It helps to keep your body system and brain activity continue their everyday work. Good sleep will reduce stress, improve memory, lower blood pressure.

Today's topic will help you to achieve your design goal. Create a welcoming and comfortable bedroom.

There are steps to achieve the perfect bedroom

  • Work on the floor plan

  • Create a focal point

  • Make a list of furniture

  • Select the accessories and fabrics

  • Select the colour

Working on the floor plan could be challenging. It depends on the size and shape of your room. Take measurements of your room. The average size bedroom should accommodate a queen or a king-size bed. The ideal position of the bed is at the centre of the longest wall in the room. Placing the bed at the centre of the wall gives a focal point. The focal point holds a room together visually by drawing the eye to it. Aim to make your focal point as much impressive as you can. Pay attention to keep balance, scale, and proportion. Make sure you have a good traffic flow in every walking space.


Once you have worked out the floor plan, the next stage is making a list of furniture you can bring to your room.

Furniture list:


2)Two nightstand

3)Wardrobe ( if no closet separate)


5) Chair/bench/ottoman

List of accessories:

1)Chandelier or pendant light

2) Two matching table lamp

3) Floor lamp

4) Mirror

5) Art or pictures

List of fabric:

1) Window treatment

2) Area rug/carpet

3) Mattress

4) Bedding set/pillows

5) Throw

The above list may vary depending on the room size. But if your room has a reasonable size best to get those all.

Once your list is ready and you know the room size, it is time for window shopping. You are not buying anything yet. Keep in your mind the structural and architectural design of your house. That will define the style of the room. For example, if you have a beach house, you should not go for a traditional, classic design.

Furniture items are a long-term investment. You are not changing the furniture every other day. So take your time to choose the right ones.

Do not buy the funky, super trendy items. Those items will go off the trend very fast. Choose items more sustainable and timeless. Before you buy, take time to measure the precise sizes of the furniture.


After you have the sizes, styles of the items you intended to buy. Choose the colour combination, texture, shape, pattern for the whole room design.

The easiest way to select the colour is the piece of art or pillow. Get the art or pillow you like with your favourite colours in it. Three different colours are a workable number to use in a colour scheme. Try to avoid using in a large area intense colours like red, yellow. Go for a neutral colour and use intense colours for pop-ups. Neutral colours are hues of white, cream, beige, brown, black, and grey. These colours are easy to live in for the long term. Soft, light and cool colours make the room look larger. If you want to make an area look smaller, use patterns, dark colours.

Vertical lines make the room look taller, horizontal shorter.

The texture of the object or materials you select worth mentioning.

Textured, rough surfaces absorb more light. But, they seem to be darker and good at absorbing sound. Smooth and shiny surfaces are more formal. They appear to be lighter and reflect more light. The pattern adds interest to any room design. Avoid creating the too busy effect.

When you select the furniture be mindful of the shape and form. Rectangular shapes are more pleasing to the eye than square shapes. Round and circle objects provide good traffic flow.

I hope these tips will help you to create calming and relaxing bedroom.

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