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Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Accessorizing the home is the key to achieve a perfect design setting. Without the accessories, your room design is incomplete. So let us dive in and learn about it. Interior design accessories have 2 purposes: decorative and functional.

Decorate the room with specific items that speaks of that particular design style. This will add a mood, culture, and individuality to your space. Avoid selecting items in rush, that may result in a messy room or ruin the design. Choose accessories that reflect your style and taste. Items that speak of you, your personality. By doing so, you will have a unique and harmonious house. Surrounding yourself with the items you like will bring more joy and harmony. Before heading to the shop, make a list of the item that suit your space. Do not clutter your space with a lot of things for decoration purposes. The best will be the items that serve as both functional and decorative. Below the list of accessories, you must have. And explained why do you need them.


When we talk about light, natural light of course, in the first place. But when it's not accessible, electrical lighting will help us to brighten up our home. Ceiling light, floor and table lamp, wall-mounted sconces are great ranges we can use. They provide warm, comfortable, and cosy ambient. Some have a specific task to illuminate a certain area. Like on the desktop for reading, or adding an accent on a certain area. So it is worth to choose and add enough lighting to your home and pay enough attention to it.

Window Treatments

Window treatment is one of the basics and foundation of your home décor. It controls the UV rays and sunlight that enter your home. It prevents from sunlight getting fade and ages your floor. Especially if you have wooden, furniture, and paintings. Although natural light has many benefits, still you need to have a balance. You have many options to control with different variety of window treatments. Most popular are draperies, blinds, shades, valances, woven woods, silk, cotton linen. These types help you to have enough sunlight when you needed. And close it when required to cool the room or have some privacy. Apart from all the above-mentioned benefits. Window treatments will transform your room into a stylish, cosy, and welcoming place.

Area rug

The rug provides a cosy and welcoming ambiance to any room. It brightens up your room, pleasing and comfortable to touch, walk, or lay down. Prevents the echo sounds in the house. Easy to replace, clean, and maintain instead of replacing the entire carpet. General guides recommend that either all the furniture rests on the rug. Or all the furniture except for the coffee table is places completely off the rug. Usually, the rug comes in three sizes. 5x8, 8x10 or 9x12cm. But if the room is big, always best to use the customized rug size. The most used materials for rugs are wool, cotton, jute and sisal, silk and viscose, nylon, and polyester.

Pillows and throws

Pillows provide support for your neck and upper back when you sit or sleep. Our spine needs some support to balance the natural curve when we sleep. So need to to have a proper pillow. And keep different sizes of them handy. Fabrics and fillings are also important when you choose. Pillow covers best to choose natural cotton, linen, or silk fabrics. For its filling with down, polyester, or memory form. Decorative pillows adds mood, colour style for your space. Pillows and throws are two which you need to have in the living room, bedroom, and kids room. Both bring to your space a comfortable, warm, and caring ambiance.


Mirrors have many features. All-day long look at ourselves reflection whenever we pass by and fix our appearance. Mirrors also serve to make your home look more spacious. It make the room look bigger if you use the floor to ceiling mirror. A mirror placed across the window will disperse more natural light. Which makes your room look bright and cosy. Any empty and small dark corner will brighten up with the mirror's help. Furthermore, above all practical uses, the mirrors pleasing and beautiful wall art.


In every living room is essential to have a plant. It provides enough oxygen circulation and absorbing carbon dioxide. It helps to create a healthy environment for yourself and your loved ones. Add enough greenery and living plants to your space. It improves breathing and helps to have a sound sleep. Along with these health benefits plants are beautiful and pleasing. It's the flowers that bring aroma all over the house which triggers positive emotions and a good mood.

Wall art and Clock

Wall clock itself a wall art. It comes in different shapes, colours, and sizes. Its role not only to let us know the time but filling the wall with beautiful artwork. The piece of art tells a lot about your preferences, interest, style, and personality. It provides a colour palette, textures, and creates a focal point. It completes the room setting. And transforms it into a unique and special environment. It could be painting, a personal collection of family photos, sculptures or statues. Each of them speaks a story behind it. It adds value and character to your space.

Candles and candle holders

Candles we used throughout our history to provide light, warmth, and ambiance. Since then the quality and technique of making candles has improved. But the main purpose of it is still the same. It provides light, nowadays, of course, we use when the electricity is not available. But if before we were using only for one purpose, in modern life it used for many other purposes and benefits. For example, the scented candles made of natural essential oils can promote relaxation. Reduce anxiety and stress. It helps to have a sound sleep and improve mindfulness. The most popular scents are Bergamot, Jasmine, Rose, and Lavender. The beautiful aroma scented candle will brighten up any space. And spread the positive emotions.

Vases and bowls

Compare to any other home accessories, vases have the longest histories. By discovered vases, scientists can tell the history, culture, and traditions of civilization. The main purpose was before for food storage, milk, water. In modern life, vases we use for keeping the flowers and greenery. Plant or flowers in your space will provide enough oxygen circulation. It will add colour and fragrance and a fresh look. Vases and bowls themselves we use as a décor item in room. The most popular ones made of ceramic, glass, and metal. It comes in different sizes and variety. Depending on your room layout you can choose the colour, design, and style.

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