How to make a luxurious looking bathroom?

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Renovation of the bathroom need quite a bit of money.

We will skip the main structure of the bathroom. For the design of a bathtub or shower cabinet select the fine quality of tiles. The marble countertop for the vanity cabinet is the best for a fine-looking bathroom. Below we have covered the main stand out points, to make your bathroom look luxurious.

Paint the bathroom

To stand out the bathroom from any regular white colour ceiling, paint it to more saturated colours. dark blue, grey, or light brown will give a rich look. Choose the satin or semi-gloss type of paint. These are more resistant to moisture and easy to clean.

Change the hardware

Change the hardware materials to brass, nickel, or bronze. This simple step will make a huge difference.

Get the mirror

Many of us keep the basic contractor installed mirrors. That doesn't stand out much. Choose the mirror to add more personality. The best will be with the rim.

Update lighting

Lighting is a very important aspect of the bathroom. Apart from illumination, it serves also for ambient and accent purposes. The modern bathroom has a variety of lighting effects. LED bulbs that control the relaxing or energizing mood. Without compromising the main purpose to serve enough light for the vanity area. Light from both sides of the mirror or above the mirror is essential.

Add accessories

First of all, remove all jars, shampoo containers, soap dispensers made of plastic. Replace them with glass jars and containers. Best to use the same size or the same brands. Avoid using many colours of bath towels. Use white colour or light hues of grey, green, or beige. Inputting the family initials will add the personality. Add some art and plant. Select the good rug. Do not use a standard bathmat. Add a chair or ottoman to sit on if the size of your bathroom allows. You will find it useful.

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