Light fixtures that will transform your space

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Selecting the right light fixtures is one of the crucial elements for home design. The standard light fixtures are barely stand out. Although it is functional providing the main purpose to lighten up space. If your goal is to have an unique ambiance, great impression, the right mood, try out the below guidelines. You will notice the big impact of the lighting fixtures.

Recessed ceiling light

A recessed ceiling light is a perfect choice for a room where ceiling space limited. Or opposite too large space. On large ceiling spaces using the chandeliers, pendant light wouldn't be enough. And here come handy these lights. In many modern houses, it's being already installed. Yet not considered functionality and personal usage of every individual. The great benefit of these lights is you can adjust them where needed. If you have wall art, for instance, you can adjust these lights to lighten up the exact spot to distinguish the art


Many spaces don't need chandeliers because of their size or design. But if you own a house with a reasonable size it is a must-have item to your rooms. Especially for the living room or entryway. When you select the chandelier, keep in mind the height of the ceiling. Any chandelier you choose has to be approximately 225cm above the floor. And 80-85cm above the dining table. If you have a high ceiling you may drop the chandelier much lower. That gives a dramatic impact. A quick solution to choose the shape of the chandelier is: The shape of your dining table or coffee table. If the dining table is rectangular, best will be rectangular. If it's round then the round shape of the chandelier will suit best.

Pendant Light

Pendant lights are ideal for any room that requires specific function and ambient. The general rule is to hang the pendant light between 70-85cm above the dining table. You may drop between 25-30cm if using above the nightstand. The symmetric effect when it's used in a group of 2,3 or 5psc of pendant lights together. Pendant light adds an exceptional dramatic look to your space. With a lot of different variations of them in the market, you might get overwhelmed with the choices. The best option will be that provides both functionality and decorative purposes. Above the dining table these lights provide light and the right ambient. The design of these lights adds more impact to your interior design setting.


Floor lamp, table lamp, reading lamp, and accent lamp. These are the main types of the lamp which we use in our everyday life. Each of these lamps has a specific function. Floor lamp apart from the basic purpose of lighting plays decorative functions. The presence of a floor lamp acts as art itself. Because it is portable you can move around to any space you need it and create a dramatic effect with it. Reading lamps speak for themselves. On your desktop, library, bedroom, or living room you can use. Table lamps create a welcoming and pleasing atmosphere in any room. Next to the sofa in the living room or nightstand in the bedroom, entryway above the console. The diffused effect can achieve especially with frosted bulbs.

Wall sconces

We use wall sconces because of two reasons. First to illuminate the specific area and second to use small areas with benefits. These light fixtures allow you to control lighting in small areas like corridors. It will keep area clear and bright. Very useful for entryways, for narrow hallways, or any dark places to lighten up. Applications of today's sconces are endless. These versatile wall lights work well indoors or out

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